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Throw Me in the River

Release Date: 2020

Producer, Writer, Programmer, Director

A short form, sci-fi visual novel about a man experiencing his family relationships through a state of compressed time.
In Throw Me in the River, each scene takes place 20 years apart and examines the state of Joseph’s life in Canada at that time through conversations he has with his various family members.

Throw Me in the River’s narrative deals with familial relationships, regret, and compressed time. It was built in the Ren’Py visual novel engine. Throw Me in the River ties into Waiting for the Loop’s narrative and released in October 2020. Throw Me in the River is a remake of a 2015 game jam game (now rebuilt from the ground up with high resolution art, writing improvements and new music) and features commentary galleries detailing its development process. Team of 3.

Throw Me in the River is available now on Steam and itch.io. More information on Throw Me in the River can be found at the Side Group website.

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